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Great experiences and creative solutions do not meet expectations. They exceed them.

With an understanding of Your needs and deliverables, an eye for details - our goal is to deliver a solution for You that helps attaining Your objectives and gives a sound overall picture.

Some call this analysis, strategy and implementation. We call it quality.

We are constantly looking for new challanges and new clients to help us develop our competence and our business.

Does it sound backwards? We do not think so. With this approach, we know for sure that our clients can benefit from an up to date knowledge and revitalized network of partners. At any time. This we look at as value.



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  • A Small World
  • Carin Wester
  • Carlsson Invest
  • Designkontoret
  •  Co Creative 
  • Ida Sjöstedt
  • Logistikcentrum
  • Lotsen Kommuniaktion
  • Lucire.com
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  • Ploski-Lindberg
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  • Sjöslaget
  • Stockholm Fashion Days
  • Stockholms Kulturförvaltning [Government Agency of Culture, Stockholm]
  • Stockholm Visitors Board
  • Svenska Riskkapitalföreningen [Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association]
  • Svenskt Näringsliv [Confederation of Swedish Enterprise]
  • The James Way 
  • Unique Look
  • Universum Communication

Our greatest accomplishments are still to be achieved.

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A few samples..

Stockholm Fashion Days
During the year of 2003 it was brought to our attention that the fashion industry in Stockholm had experienced a downturn the past decade or so. At a first glance we did not know what to make of it. Never had there been so many new designers, fashion was trendy and design was cool. Why were business not prosperous?

Our analysis gave at hand that competition was fierce, but without strategies. Everybody chased the same goal, but did not cooperate. Furthermore a functioning fair and trade platform was lacking and interest of the bigger picture non-existent.

The past two-three years we have built a database over who is who in fashion-Stockholm, launched a webbased guide on this topic that also functions as a comprehensive program for shows/showrooms during fashion weeks. This has proven to be successful in international marketing of Swedish fashion as well. After hosting a fair and producing fashion shows, www.stockholmfashiondays.com has grown an entity of its own and is now entering a new phase..

Creative Industry Seminars
We found that investors and venture capitalists in Sweden needed to catch up on the fast growing and profitable creative industry. Without sufficient resources to finance a whole industry, it will very soon find it self in recess. And we would find ourselves without clients.

So, together with the Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise we produced seminars on this topic.

Fashion Design
A young fashion design company came to us with their invoices and receipts in two plastic bags. Literally. Meanwhile the bookkeeping met new standards we sat down to find the core of their business, the main objectives of the company as well as the individuals.

With this new foundation to build on a marketing plan with competive strategies were produced. This made it possible to attract more buyers, build a stronger brand, increase sales, expand the market, reduce production costs and not to mention having a blast.

Sjöslaget - The Sea Battle
How do you transport 1700 university/university college students from all over Sweden back and forth to Finland over the Baltic Sea?

You do it loud and with no bars hold. Make it an ever growing annual event for eight years in a row. And counting.

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